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Aart Houwink provides strategic financial advice to companies that are refocusing and re-positioning in a rapidly changing world. He advises financial institutions in strategic change processes. Is non-executive board member in various institutions. Uses an analytical and structured approach, rigor and creativity. Works with board members, ceo’s and cfo’s to challenge and firm up plans, and to communicate and negotiate with stakeholders.

Earlier in career, as M&A advisor, Aart Houwink helped ceo’s to develop and execute their strategy. He took “deep-dives” into different industries and learned to understand their dynamics. Then headed up the eCommerce strategy group of the Wholesale Bank of ABN AMRO. This strategic approach to business was a big plus during his tenure as CFO/COO of one of the global business units of the bank. From this position, he led the effort to reduce the use of capital while at the same time increasing business volume and client service levels. Now he builds on his strategic and financial experience in advisory and non-executive positions.